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Summer 2014.


Summer 2014. I actually have no words. Best summer of my life.

This time last year, i had just recently passed all my Camp America stuff interviews and stuff. I had been waiting and waiting from September, to get a placement. I had emailed camps, they never replied, i got a few interviews, and nothing ever came out of it. I then was at my giving up point around May time, when they contacted me and asked me to be on the RSG program which is a ready steady go program, where you get your visa and everything sorted and you just go once and if you get a placement. It came to the middle of June and i had this visa, and high hopes of a placement and in my head it just wasn’t going to work out. So i was sat in work, it was a Thursday evening, and i had gotten an email from YMCA Camp Willson in Ohio, and they had wanted to interview me, obviously me with my past experiences with interviews and phone calls i thought it wouldn’t work out. Damn was i wrong, i was basically told when i answered the phone i had a job there. I was also told, that i had to be there by Tuesday and i had gotten the call on Thursday evening. So i had 4 days to pack up and say goodbye to everyone and sort things with work. But i tell you, it was the best last minute decision i ever made. I can’t thank the YMCA Camp Willson enough for letting me be part of the summer 2014 staff. Even though i went in late, i had started in the middle of the summer, it was the best thing i ever did. I remember the first day i got there, and i was surrounded by a bunch of wonderful children who welcomed me into there home away from home, they even gave me there own little tour of camp when i got there. It was the sweetest ever. Everyone was also so helpful, since i had missed staff training, and everything i was pretty clueless on a lot and everyone had basically gave me there own little versions of staff training and the low down on everything i needed to know. The whole trying to get a placement may have been the downer for most of it, but in the end every single moment of it was worth it. When you realise the difference your making in young people’s lives and when they tell you that, it is the most heart warming thing you will ever imagine. I will never forget, every closing camp fire i would have stood with my bunch of campers, and cried with them.. i always built that bond with them, which made them leaving so hard, but it was always amazing meeting a new bunch of campers every week. They all inspired me so much, and all the new friends i met, my fellow workers. I can’t thank them all enough.


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